Experiment #9: Series of Three Improvisations

Experiment #9: …begin another drawing, letting it evolve in the same manner, eventually creating a series of three or more, each drawing changing according to your experience of the moment. [Use them] as a launching pad for additional explorations of of shape, color, and perhaps even images. …maintain a sense of trust, following whatever impulse seems right, watching the simple drawing grow and develop. You can make no mistakes, as there are no rules in improvisation – only allowing what comes next.

Experiment #9.1
Eyes open this time, I tuned into the same explorative quality of the last few experiments. I felt the paper, the oil crayons, and my arm. I really like the super simple first piece. And it was interesting to see the shapes more fleshed out as well.

Experiment #8.2 by Meghan Oona


Experiment #8.3 by Meghan Oona

Experiment #9, (all 3) 19 x 24,” $50…


♥ ~ Meghan Oona
P.s. Read about my goals, hopes, and inspiration in undertaking this project, here…

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