Experiment #8: Drawing as Exploring

Experiment #8: Keeping your eyes closed, let the touch of the oil crayon lead the way across the surface of the paper, moving in any direction, at any pace that feels right. There is no right way to touch the paper; there is only the reality of the moment. It is just exploration, another more, and there is nothing you can do wrong. 

Experiment #8- Drawing as Exploring by Meghan Oona

Drawing with eyes closed is so fun! It becomes all about the feel, touch, weight, texture, and motion of the materials. No worrying or planning about the outcome. Rather, the outcome is a record of the experience. With my eyes closed, exploring the paper and oil crayons, I felt curious, and relaxed into the motion of my fingers, hand, wrist, arms, and shoulder.

Eventually I noticed my whole body moving into the rhythm of exploration. I felt the edges of the paper, the corners, the center. When I opened my eyes, the color delighted me, and the fact that it was nothing like I thought! I liked how airy and open and soft the result was. These visual outcomes are a key into my touch.

Experiment #8: Drawing as Exploring, 19 x 24,” $20…



♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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