Experiment #7: Loving Touch

Experiment #7: Adding crayon can bring another dimension to your exploration, but it does not have to interrupts your contact with the paper. Keeping your eyes closed if possible, pick up the crayon… How does it want to rest in your hand? What would happen if the crayon touched the paper? Wait until you have a curiosity for the paper. When you do touch the paper with the crayon, how does it change you touch, and what is the movement now?

Experiment #7 - Loving Touch by Meghan Oona

This was so cool. Basically I got to see what my own version of loving touch looks like! I continued Experiment #6, “Touching the Paper,” by adding oil crayons. I closed my eyes, tried to rest my hands the same way, plus hold the crayons. I caressed the paper gently, lovingly, as if I were tickling my lovers back. It’s cool to see what that looks like! What’s funny is that some heart shapes even emerged.


Experiment #7: Loving Touch, 19 x 24,” $25…




♥ ~ Meghan Oona
P.s. Read about my goals, hopes, and inspiration in undertaking this project, here…

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