Experiment #5: Sensing Your Environment

Experiment #5: You are in a place. What do you experience of this place with your eyes closed? Can you sense the presence and support of the floor under your chair, under your feet? Can you sense anything of the air that surrounds you? Does it have a particular quality? Sounds might come to you in the air, and in time you might feel the air as you breath it in. When we take the time to experience life moment by moment, the most ordinary sensations become very special.

Meditation on Place by Meghan Oona

This felt like a continuation of yesterday’s experiment, only instead of focusing on myself, I felt everything around me. First though, I noticed the sensation of my exhale hitting my hands. Then my awareness expanded to include my surroundings — the crackling fire, my man working in the yard, the ground beneath my feet. Air currants became noticeable as they brushed my skin. The air was fresh, crisply cool, and soothingly warm, intermittently. “Home” came to mind. I was home.

♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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