“I’m Going on an Adventure!” (An Artistic Journey)

I’m really, really excited for this new project I’m embarking on. My plan is to complete each of the 53 “experiments” in the book “The Spirit of Drawing: A Sensory Meditation Guide to Creative Expression.” Why is this journey calling me right now? I will tell you…

I got my Masters in Fine Art with an emphasis on New Genres. That means a lot of conceptual thinking and heady ideas. I loved it, and with my own spin of visionary mysticism, I still consider myself a conceptual artist. However…

I miss the earthier, more primal art making that I once knew. No agenda, no concepts, no thinking… just… being. Connecting with the materials in a more physical way, more sensual. A lot of my past work stems from a more raw place (see my Shamanka series, here.)


(Available on Amazon: Spirit of Drawing: A Sensory Meditation Guide to Creative Expression)

I want to bring my body back into my art, and reconnect with the Source. I want physicality, feelings, and touch to return to my process. My goal is to marry this “art yoga” with my conceptual art, eventually. But first…

I get to delve into the process of another daily regimen, which I’m so amped for! My 100 Days of Art ended a couple months ago now, and I miss the daily routine of it. This process will challenge me to drop my “monkey mind” for awhile, and I’m so ready to meet this opportunity head on!

I will also be writing about my experiments daily (given I’m around a computer). I’ll try to blog daily as well. Stay tuned… 🙂

♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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