Day 64 of 100 Update!

Day 64. Wow. This 100 Days of Art Project infuses my days with energy, motivation, and productivity. Thank YOU, dear friends, family, and patrons, for fueling that passion. Without you, there would be no accountability to complete this goal of mine, and your feedback, patronage, and kind words continue to be an inspiration.

I encourage you to continue to be a part of it — follow my daily progress on Facebook, follow me on Pinterest, and my Instagram account is here. Please “Share,” “Like,” and Comment on my posts as much as possible, this really helps create buzz and gets my art to more eyes. Thank you!

If you haven’t yet bought a piece of art, visit my site to see all available pieces. I’d love you to have a Meghan Oona original in your home! 🙂

Below are some of my recent favorites…

Dreamer by Meghan Oona Clifford

                                                 Dreamer 2014 | 16 x 20” | gouache on archival panel

Spirits by Meghan Oona Clifford

                           Spirits 8 x 10” | gouache and graphite on archival panel | ready-to-hang

Disco by Meghan Oona Clifford

                  Disco 16 x 20” | gouache, and graphite on archival board | ready-to-hang

Begonia by Meghan Oona Clifford

                                              Begonia 9 x 12” | gouache and pen on archival canvas

Thanks again for your interest in my work!

♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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