Why I’m Doing 100 Days Of Art

flor sketch by meghan oona 2                                                                                                    sketch for Flor (below)…

It’s Day 46! This process has made me grow so much as an artist and I’m not even halfway done yet! My confidence is building, I’m getting more followers and engagement, making sales, and most important – making some real strides with style and technique.

Every new day I learn more. The reason I learn? Because I’m doing. Art school is all well and good for theory and critical thinking… but then to really “BE an artist,” one has to Do. The. Work. (Daily!)

Flor by Meghan Oona Clifford (scan)                                                                                                  Flor (Sold, prints available)…

Start, and the pressure will be off ~Yogi Bhajan
(has been my mantra)

Waterfall by Meghan Oona Clifford                                                                                                                          (Waterfall, available…)

See all 45 pieces so far here…

Is there something YOU want to do for 100 days? A hobby, a passion, neglected and yearned for? 100 days of writing? 100 days of pottery? 100 days of meditation. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it IS rewarding.

If I don’t feel like making art today – too bad! I have to. Accountability to your friends, family, and fans is a huge motivator. And often it’s getting through those mental roadblocks that creates the real breakthrough pieces!

xo, Meghan Oona

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