Road Tripping for the Soul – Nature Edition

On the Road!

I’ve been relatively unplugged for over a month now. In between leases, we decided to take a road trip for some family and nature time. Inspiration around every corner! I got to renew my love of photography, looking through the lens to see form, color, lines — the simplicity and complexity of our earth — to feel the “Nowness” of each moment, to be fully Awake, to know Impermanence, Flow, and Joy:

Somehow, when you’re out of your normal routine, you can SEE each moment more clearly, to become part of it. Everything’s new, fresh, and intriguing. It’s a good reminder to try to bring those fresh eyes home with you.

I used to hand write my journals, but now I rely on the computer for that. On the road, though, the pen found it’s way again into my hand:

“6.2.14 Part 1 of 2
(My parents’ 41st anniversary, and my nephew’s birthday! Born TODAY!)

How can I be born today?
With Love — for this new creature I haven’t met yet.
With Awe — at the Great American West.
The never-ending landscape.
The Natives who once lived here.
The Pioneers who pushed their way across the land in hope.
The Homesteaders.
The Traders.

The eyes which landed upon California after crossing the
vast desert emptiness and hardship.
Like us — only we live in a different world, and we
see with different eyes.
We’re all connected I know, and
we know almost too much.
Yet still… not enough.

But evolution is happening.
Away from the barbaric practices,
and the cruelty.
Oneness means empathy.
Connectivity can only keep us
separate for so long.
With it comes Unity.

Vastness, Expanse, Emptiness, Silence, Quiet.

Ideas a pinprick of a thought, lost to the Wilderness.”

I’m making a few of my favorite images from the road trip available to buy. Please peruse the full photo gallery here…

Yellow Sky Santa Fe by Meghan Oona Clifford
Yellow Sky Santa Fe

Thanks for visiting! You can view my full portfolio of artwork here.

♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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