Maze to the Heart

Finally! Done with this very intricate project!

Maze by Meghan Oona Clifford web
Maze to the Heart

2014 | 24″ x 24″ | Paints and paint pens on canvas

I love how mind-bending this piece turned out. Maze to the Heart is an actual, solvable maze. There’s only one correct way from the “entrance” to the goal. If anyone ever solves it, I’ll be very impressed. I almost got lost in it myself, while creating it!

This piece let me be playful with my lines while still binding me to the “rules” of my craft. I got to be circular, linear, repetitive, and unique, all at once, throughout it. It’s a sweet piece and I can’t wait until someone swoops it up for their private collection.

Detail 1:

Maze detail 1 by Meghan Oona Clifford web
Prints, canvas prints, and other merch available here. The reproductions will be more crisp than these pictures since the resolution will be much higher.

Detail 2:

Maze detail 2 by Meghan Oona Clifford web

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned as I decide which project to tackle next! Also, I’m moving, so a lot of transition is happening! Meghan Oona

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