Time and Change

Kalima by Meghan Oona Clifford                                                                                 (Kali Ma, prints available)

We’re moving! And we don’t know where to yet. Of course, right when I really organize the studio! But that’s life. Our lease is coming to an end so we sat down to decide if we want to be here another year, and what that means for us. I’ve lived in SF for 10 (!) years now, and it’s been good to me (art shows, grad school, life-long friends, best parks in the nation to explore, etc, etc).

But we both feel like our future looks different. The grimy grind of city life takes it’s toll. We’re envisioning a simpler life, with more peace and quiet and less rat race. We’re thinking of Santa Cruz, Oakland, and Boulder right now. Portland would be on the list but I’ve lived in Olympia for 6 years and the rain still haunts me.

So, big changes! I oscillate between extreme excitement, relief, sadness, and projected exhaustion. Fun times! Transitional times are hard, but, like travel, they open you up more to the present moment. I’ve been appreciated our home more, taking more pictures of our yard and view, while I still can. Enjoying nights on the town with friends. Soaking it up.

SF nighttime view
This is the best city in the county, IMHO, but more and more people are getting priced out, which may leave the city with a large deficit of creative people.

Kali Ma, above, is the Goddess of Change and Time. May she look over us and grant us some peace during all the dishevelment!

♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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