I’ll Never Get Out of This Maze… (work in progress)

maze in progress by meghan oona clifford

This is the piece I’m currently working on…. it’s a real mind bender. It’s actually going to be a solvable maze, for any motivated viewer to tackle if they so desire. I was inspired by the Japanese janitor who secretly worked on an intricate maze for 7 years, much to the befuddlement of anyone who tried to solve it.

I remember being a young girl, on a trip to colonial Williamsburg, and I was obsessed with walking the garden maze there. Unfortunately it was under maintenance at the time, and I was so bummed! Of course after seeing Harry Potter’s terrifying maze in The Goblet of Fire, maybe I’m all good just drawing them instead. The potential for losing yourself in one is too great… although drawing it sort of does that too 😉

There will be four “entrances” to this maze, and only one way all the way to the center… wish me luck finishing this beast! It’ll be part of the Visual Taoism series, which you can check out here…

Thanks for reading 🙂

♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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