Feeling very deep gratitude the other day, so I came up with this list…


I have loved a thousand times
I have known enchanted forests
I have watched firelight dancing at night
I have the arms of a loving family around me at all times
I have learned to speak with color and shapes
I have kissed the most beautiful boys
I have held dear friends with joy, and wiped away their tears
I have found beauty in the mundane
I have found a life mate who sings me songs all day
I have peeked into a thousand lives
I have laughed and I have cried hearing humanity’s stories
I have tasted the sweetest wine with friends
I have fed soul seekers in the desert
I have played outside with the neighborhood kids in the summertime
I have swam in pristine mountain lakes
I have flourished eating only plants and leaving the animals be
I have soaked in the tropical sun
I have runaway from everything to an island
I have danced all night for so many nights
I have drunk the nectar of delight
I have lost myself in Europe’s ancient cathedrals
I have roamed like a gypsy through 48 United States
I have married the love of my life creek side in an organic vineyard
I have held sweet newborn children with the utmost tenderness and welcoming
I have known my spirit animal and become her
I have created worlds of imagery and feeling
I have been named the Always Happy Goddess by a Tibetan Lama
I have felt comforted and supported by the kindest man I’ve known
I have sang lullabies in the dark
I have toured with my favorite rock and roll band for 20 years
I have met a momma bear and her cub 7 miles up a mountainside
I have laughed so hard it hurt
I have known love
I have felt the deepest heartache
I have felt the greatest joy
I am love I am love I am love


(pics by Anne-Lauren Graham)

♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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