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2013 | 18 x 22.5″ | acrylic, watercolor, and marker on paper

I’ve been doing a ton of dream journaling lately, blurry the lines between the waking and sleeping mind. In that resting state, images come unbeckoned, and without distraction. That’s why this piece is called Lucid.

Lucidity is To Be Aware, and in Dream talk — to become aware That One Is Dreaming, and then sometimes, be able to Control the Dream. This piece is about the connection between Lucidity and Inspiration. Where does Inspiration come from? What does it feel like as it arrives? Is it from within us, or external? Do we shape it? Is it Us?

Time lapse VIDEO:

Life had been too busy for me to maintain my regular studio hours for the last couple months. This always puts me in sort of a blocked tizzy. Internally, I’m seething, externally, I’m unable to adhere to my routine that keeps thing rolling. I’m getting married this year, and wedding planning has become an art practice of it’s own. I’m also debuting a new T-shirt line for moreTrees. Busy busy busy!

Lucky for me, my sister gave me a new book for my birthday called Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, which is both hilarious and inspiring. The artists featured vary widely — morning people, night owls, alcoholics, and hermits. It motivated me to put aside some of the moreTrees work and settle back into artistic endeavors. Immediately, a weight lifted!

At the bottom of the piles of sketches I’d prepared months ago was one loosely based on my friend Jamie. I absolutely love her body language in this piece, and rather than stress about how she would manifest on the paper, I allowed a quick vision to come to me. It was actually the dreamy feeling of envisioning that I wound up putting to paper — how inspiration looks; how it feels. Clearly reading all those artists bios sunk in.

The result reminds me of a modernized version of Hildegaard’s Awakening: A Self-Portrait, although this more resembles air and water than fire. We are of the elements.


[loo-sid] adjective

1. easily understood; completely intelligible or comprehensible: a lucid explanation.
2. characterized by clear perception or understanding; rational or sane: a lucid moment in his madness.
3. shining or bright.
4. clear; pellucid; transparent.


Now available: “Lucid” Prints and Original. Every print is numbered and titled by Meghan Oona Clifford, MFA and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity issued from her studio. Custom sizes are available as well.


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