7 Ways To Jumpstart Your Creativity

Reiki by Meghan Oona Clifford jump                                                                                                      (prints available here)

Sometimes we’re just not in touch with our creativity. It’s there, believe me, waiting to be fulfilled, whether you’re an artist, musician, parent, healer, or scientist… Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan reminds us “Of all your qualities, that which is most God-like is Creativity.” We can feel off if we aren’t accessing this special part of our deeper being. Here are some keys to get back in touch with your own unique brand of creativity:

1. Open a new word document, call it “Journal,” or “Idea Warehouse,” or “Thoughts as They Form,” or whatever floats your boat:

Idea Warehouse
Save it to your desktop and use it to jot down ideas as they come, as they take shape, and notes about your process. Allow it to grow into a years long reference log. Use Command + F to find any idea you’ve ever recorded in it.

2. Give yourself a new name.

Call it your confirmation name, or DJ name, or artist name, name of your inner child, or pen name. You don’t have to use it, but your inner child will be delighted at having been found.

3. Turn off your thinking.

Great creatives revealed that many inspirations come to them when they stop working on a problem. Take a hot shower, go for a walk, take a nap… relax the mind and allow the answers to come on their own.

4. Doodle. Even if you can’t draw.

doodle by meghan oona clifford
Draw shapes, lines, curves, animals, people, text, whatever you want, without over thinking it. Listen to music or watch tv while you’re doodling. Just let the hand move over paper. See what it wants to tell you.

5. Clean your Workspace. Not your whole house, I’m not talking about wasting all your energy on organizing your closets.
At least, not today. Today, crank some music, clean your workspace, until you have no choice left but to jump in and make something.

6. Make a mood board.

Research what images are really pulling you right now. What inspires you? Cut up magazines, stickers, and calendars or open a Pinterest Account.

7. Identify your Creative Heros, and read about them.

Be they artists, musicians, activists, or scientists, learn about their lives and see if you can dig up anything about there process. Maybe it’ll work for you too. Let their examples lead you back to your own innate potential.

I hope these jumping off points help in your journey! May you unite with your Creativity and bring your ideas into reality. After all, that’s one of the best parts of being Human 🙂


Meghan Oona ♥


  1. Thanks for the inspirations and for encouraging the masses to tap into our creativity. one of the most important tools we can use now in our world to rise up!!! I have been, from the book “The Artists Way” been writing morning pages everyday to help clear the crap that stands between me and creating.. I like this tool.. also cleaning my studio as we speak! well, acutally I guess im typing, but now I think ill get back to the cleaning creation 🙂 Love ~*~


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