The Seer: An Illuminated Portrait

                                                                (prints+ available)

The Seer
2013 | 18 x 22.5″ | watercolor and pens on heavyweight paper

This piece started as a tentative experiment and through it I rediscovered the joys of watercolor. Though I had to work more quickly with the paints, there’s a richer, deeper tone with the colors than I can get with graphites.

I decided to reference Wind for the hair, an earlier experiment in watercolors that turned out well. The blue triangular 3rd eye blast and triangular shirt pattern also reference a recent piece, Lushness. I enjoyed merging the more formulaic, mathematical visuals with the flowing chaos of the hair.

I recently went through a lot of old fashion photos left from making catalogs for my day job at moreTrees. This piece was based on one of those, and I found a lot more that I want to loosely reference for artwork. After researching fashion illustration for years, it seems I’m officially delving into it, too!


Prints and original available.

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