Wind – An Illuminated Portrait

Wind by Meghan Oona Clifford rv web                                                                                               (prints+ available)

2013 | 18 x 22 | graphite, watercolor, and pen on heavyweight paper

A few days ago I did the initial sketching for TWENTY new pieces! They’ll mostly fall into my Illuminated Portraiture and Illustration series, but I’ll be reaching out of my comfort zone to include new techniques and materials. In addition to my usual graphite, paint pens, and acrylic, I’ll be experimenting with oils and watercolors for the first time in a bit. The place I want to take these series demands more blending, fluidity, and lushness. I’m hoping oils and watercolors can help bring me there.

Piece 1, called Wind, demonstrates an experiment with watercolors, plus some new pens. I like that she turned out more ethereal than what I could capture with my previous toolbox.

Prints available soon!

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