Hunting the Elusive: An Illuminated Portrait

narwhal art, urban art, rockstar art, party art
Narwhal Triumph
2012 | 20 x 24″ | paints and graphite on vellum

Disclaimer: the subject and artist are vegetarian and vegan and fully non-violent. This is a violent-seeming piece but don’t panic; it’s just playfully weird.

To me, this piece is about three things: Play, Hunting the Elusive, and Triumphing over those Mysterious Depths. Of course, I think in metaphors and maybe this isn’t what Rob had in mind when he choose “Narwhal Hunter” as his halloween costume for Festival 8. But creating this crazy character marks him as one of the more imaginative and hilarious people I know, and I wanted to celebrate that moment with graphite and paint.

The Spirit of Narwhal calls to the imagination and deeper truths. Narwhal embodies freedom, fantasy and beauty. Narwhal energy helps you open your mind and discover hidden meanings.

A deep-diving mammal, Narwhal is the unicorn of the sea. Narwhal energy stimulates romance and flights of fancy. Dreams and ideas can be vivid and multi-dimensional. The Narwhal spirit enhances perception, and reveals subconscious or universal truths. In captivity, narwhals don’t live long. The Spirit of Narwhal urges you to choose the path of freedom, be true to your nature, and fill your life with passion and wonder.

Narwhal energy can help heal emotional wounds and soothe a broken heart. On the reverse side, beware of losing perspective, submerging yourself in fantasy to flee an unpleasant reality, or drowning in the cold dark depths of a loveless soul.

This speed drawing video shows the piece unfolding:

Narwhal Triumph :: An Illuminated Portrait by Meghan Oona Clifford from meghan oona clifford on Vimeo.

♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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