Artist Statement for Visual Taoism Series

Visual Taoism
Meghan Oona Clifford
Artist Statement

This series is a visual Taoism of sorts. Taoism is a spiritual philosophy that means “The Way,” “The Path,” and “The Flow.”

The universe seems to require both chaotic flow and mathematical order. To study this mystery, I’m playing with the dualites of abstraction/conception, entropy/structure, flow/alignment.

Using acrylics and paint pens on wood and canvas, I create abstract voids and fullness, intricately woven waves and geometric mandalas, to visually explore both chaos and order.

I’m especially intrigued with where this chaos and order unify, and seeming dualities become one.

Click here to see online portfolio.

Mindscape of Optimal Flow by Meghan Oona Clifford web                                                                 Mindscape of Optimal Flow, in shop

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