Highlights from *Meghan Oona: Illuminated Art of Flow* Art Opening at Black Faun

Here are some pictorial highlights from my lovely weekend opening at the Black Faun Gallery. A celebratory time was had by all; the sangria flowed and the art looked positively royal against the unique purple walls.

Many thanks go out to Jehmima, Sievert, Kevin, Roman, Esther, Bean, and Robbie D for helping make it happen. Enjoy!

Me with Mindscape of Optimal Flow.

Black Faun Art Gallery:

Hestia :

Mindscape of Optimal Flow:

Dionysus with Erleichda, an animated / video projection piece:

Hestia and Anteros:

Grail-keeper and She Who Traverses Through Space:

Custom hand-painted hats:


Alignment and High Priestess of Space:

Mystic Humboldt:

Home Sweet SF:

To purchase any of these originals or prints, please visit portfolio –

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