The Source of Inspiration: Phish Shows in the Summertime

In my life there have been a few consistent sources of major inspiration; walks through nature, falling in love, discovering interconnectedness on the web, and… celebrating and dancing with friends at Phish shows.

It’s not for everyone but it is for ME. And about a thousand of my closest friends. You can read all about my involvement with Phish, and my portrait series of Phish kids here.

Below are the few pictures I took of this first leg. I was too busy living to remember to take pictures, but the ones I did capture bring me right back to the summer heat, the sense that I’m Home, and the joy in my heart.

North of Chi:

Gary IN

Alpine Welcome

Dancin Shoes

Going In

Trey and his Magical Guitar

New Friends


Sunrise Drive

Wind Power

Reminds me of lazy teenage days reading On the Road by Jack Kerouac, wishing for the freedom to get on that mystical highway. One day, you realize Freedom is your middle name!

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