The Void.

The Void by Meghan Oona Clifford web

The Void
2012 | 40 x 20″ | acrylic and paint pen on canvas

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I finally finished The Void piece! My back hurts from hunching over the final details for the last two days but I’m happy with the end result.

Long fascinating with emptiness, spaces between, and the void, (see last 2 posts for void research and void pictures), I became inspired to create a piece to explore how this feels to me. In my view, the void is yin to the source’s yang. It’s not the spark, it’s the quiet from which the spark comes from. It’s pre-sound, pre-conception, pre-cognition. We reach it through meditation, when all of our “self” falls away, and the peaceful emptiness washes away our ego. It’s the space between the inhale and exhale. It’s the pure field of possibility.

(detail) The Void. By Meghan Oona Clifford |

A lot of my work blends the duality of extremely precise handiwork with a more freely flowing style. This is no exception. The paint drips act as a veil between our mundane world and where the Void resides; to access it takes intentional awareness.

“Pure unorganized creativity, the void, chaos, inspiration and beauty have to come first. We must become comfortable with this space of holding all possibilities without form. Then the vision and intention and organization will follow naturally and without any effort. Chaos never remains unorganized for long. This is one of the principles of the universe and we must let go of our need to always control the chaos we perceive around us. The need to control chaos is rooted in the fear of the feminine and thus breeds a fear of creativity, destruction and change.” ~Lena Stevens

(detail) The Void. By Meghan Oona Clifford |

Wanderer, stay hungry, and honor your exile. Wherever we came from in the first place, that’s where we’re headed. ….Jelalludin Rumi, 12th cent.

Meghan Oona Clifford |

Also, I just joined Instagram! Please follow “Meghan_Oona” for my photographic explorations. So far it’s mostly wine, a design, and handsome men 😉

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