en·ter   /ˈɛntər/ Show Spelled[en-ter] verb (used without object) 1. to come or go in: Knock before you enter. 3. to make a beginning (often followed by on or upon ): We have entered upon a new phase in history.

In Chinese Feng Shui, red doors provide protection from evil spirits. In Santa Fe, blue doors offer this same protection and aesthetically speak to me more. They got me thinking about entrances and entering: first we enter this world through the womb-door, then a million times we enter, re-enter, and exit through doorways of worship, home, education, capitalism, and celebration. Each entrance offers a chance of renewal, to be yourself in this new place, to close the door on your past, to be here in this present moment.

Hand on door,
pushing inward,
arriving Now.

This darkest day of the year, the sun is reborn and light can grow again. What will we enter into come next year? Who will we be? Where will we go? It’s up to us, and this is a great time to review intentions and head towards them.

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