The Mindscape of Optimal Flow

Mindscape of Optimal Flow by Meghan Oona Clifford web

Mindscape of Optimal Flow
2011 | 40 x 60″ | mixed media on canvas

This marks the largest abstract piece I’ve cracked out for awhile. I’m now practicing for mural-size. This meant the arm, rather than hand, became sort of an extended dance of an inner flowing movement.

I visualized it for a few weeks before laying pencil to canvas to sketch it. Seven-seven-eleven, (my birthday!) seemed to be the perfect day to lay it down. I woke up to my favorite kind of day: phone calls from friends and family, drinks and dinner with friends; even the air against my skin was my favorite temperature. I gave my dear dog an extra treat, and even finished off dinner at the Millenium with an Americano, a rare treat. It was a good day to be born, and a good day to birth a new project.

Working Notes 8.29.11

>Helllo art, pens, paint, music, inspiration, losing my mind to peace, calm, color, flow, helllo again, there you are.
>Optimal Flow.
>Bella’s Lullaby by Carter Burwell.
>Keywords: Waves. Flows. Heart flow. Flow of Love. Love Flow.
>Thoughts: Remembering that passionate love a lot. That most moving, physical kind of love. And this piece is super physical, it’s so large I’m standing up a lot, moving with my whole arm and body rather than just my hand.
>Also first time filling in the energetics, wondering why I see / draw them as tubes, empty. >Now they’re starting from the ocean of our minds as heavier, filled in, but upon waving out, get lighter.
>These piano songs on repeat are uplifting my heart, my love, my yearning, my remembrance of that unity… and that unity is my favorite of all the optimal flows.

Working Notes 9.17.11

>”Energy” is one of the most important words of our times. How to get it, maintain it, increase it, sustain it, utilize it.
>”It’s like freestyle Celtic knotting,” ~Rob Davis
>”Being creative is hard because you have every choice in the world, and have to narrow it down to what you want,” ~Nurse Dan (paraphrased)
“Energy is eternal delight” ~ William Blake

Final Thoughts 10.25.11

>I’ve been reading “Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience,” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, and also recently read his “Creativity: Flow and Psychology of Discovery and Invention,” so with these topics fresh in my mind, I actually wound up creating a piece about creating!
>Always returning to Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan: “Of all the qualities in your being, that which is most God-like is Creativity.”


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