Finding Flow within Form

Alignment Mandala by Meghan Oona Clifford web

2011 | 25″ diameter | mixed media on wood

Prints, original, and merch:

“Order is Heaven’s First Law.” ~William Blake

Doing some Symmetry work after a long stint of Flow, and finding Source, Center, and Balance. I used to do a lot of mandala work and at first, it felt comforting to return to it. The physical manifestation of Centering the inner world into outer form always functions as a healing modality for me.

I’ve been more into a visual Taoism of sorts lately, exploring flow and chaos. The universe seems to require both chaotic flow and mathematical order. Apparently, so does my practice. This return to a mathematically constructed form sort of baffled my brain, and I watched my process unfold with amusement at the adjustments.

What wound up happening is I found a place of Happy Medium, a sort of Flow within the Form. During the work I discovered some free white noise mp3s which brought me back to my Center with sounds of womb, ocean waves, and heartbeats.

From this place, the flow within the form started happening with much more ease. The duality that is our world: artist/art, abstraction/conception, tao/order, entropy/structure, flow/alignment began to melt away into Unity, or what I also call “That-Which-Encompasses-All.”


  1. Beautiful mandala! So cool that the white noise brought you to this…I like to think that this is what Isla is enjoying in her sleep 🙂


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