Event Vertex Meets The Light

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From R e a l e y e s G a l l e r y

Event Vertex Meets The Light
2011 | 24″ x 36″ | acrylic and paint pen on stretched archival canvas

More than anything this piece is about Light and Flow. Light being a metaphor for our higher selves. Flow being those timeless, ego-less experiences like sex, dancing, and engaging with one’s truer purposes.

As I worked on it, my thought process brought me to the cosmos, and the opposite of light — black holes. Black hole theory posits that an object sucked into one would get stretched out forever at the event horizon, never to return. This just freaks me out. It reminds me of when the Murrays tesseract in A Wrinkle In Time. No fun! At least they come out on the other end.

This piece, for me, attempts to turn our current understanding of black holes (at least as a metaphor), upsidedown. (If only to humbly acknowledge our minute understanding of the great cosmic mysteries.) Instead of this scary dark nothingness and certain death at the “event horizon,” I’m exploring the “event vertex” on the soul level. In this place, our light within bursts forth into understanding and love and connects with everyone else’s highest light as well.

Perhaps it’s from this place of unity that we are driven to figure out all the details, math, and science, in order to worship the gift of Life that much more.

Sometimes I work with words on a certain piece. For this one I wrote a list to direct the energetic feeling I was going for. The list: bubbly, flowing, bursting, popping, gushing, gently exploding, propel, emit forth, shine, resurrect, remembrance, waves of Light, glow.

This piece also reflects feelings: of finding the Light. Of laughter, of breaking through a sorrow into gratitude. Of remembering who we are.

(process and detail)

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