Dreaming the Soul of the World.

Dreaming the Soul of the World by Meghan Oona Clifford web

Dreaming the Soul of the World, or: In Which Ian Beholds The Collective Prayer.
2011 | 21″ x 25″ | graphite and paint pen on acid-free vellum

See the full series and more… www.MeghanOonaClifford.com

There’s this specific transcendent experience, and though I can attempt to put words to it, for me, this image best articulates it.

It happens on several layers; starting in the Void, then accessing the Collective Unconscious, of which we can converse about thanks to Carl Jung. Within this realm, also, is Émile Durkheim’s Collective Effervescence and Collective Conscious, both terms describing a unified hive mind of sorts. I believe there exists on this invisible plane, a unified front for Good, for the Elevation of humanity.

I describe this unified mindspace as the Collective Clarity, Collective Elevation, or Collective Prayer. It’s the space of meditation, the serene stillness, the sense of one’s true self and true nature; and then, while in this mind, sensing others there too. Then, an outreach towards them, while accepting an inflow from them, to create a sort of Plasma of the Universal Soul of Clarity, intangible and sublime though it may be.

It’s prayer, but the prayer of all the people praying Right Now. It’s loving-kindness, but the loving-kindness of one’s heart opening Right Now and combining with every heart also opening Right Now. It’s like a combination of prayer and good intention with a clarity and serenity and bliss. And it’s all beyond oneself, to encompass all Souls in that same and immediate frequency.

The quiet, serene, weaving of this experience with my pen reflects the feeeeeling of accessing this mindspace. And the other elements support it too — Ian’s contemplative gaze, the lemurian crystal in one hand, glass of ritual intoxicant in the other… even the pirate wristband becomes important here – He’s not only peering over the edge of an oceanside hotel balcony to view Miami’s dawnbreak, but also, gazing over the edge of some cosmic vessel in search of the most eternal treasures.

Again, I humbly thank my friends for their graciousness in allowing me to explore our human experience through their images and reflections. Photo cred to Rose Barling (www.rosebarling.com).

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