On Music; My Muse, My Heartbeat.

From R e a l e y e s G a l l e r y

Thank you for all the music, We will dance forever: An Ode to Sufi Dancers, to Rumi, and to Phish when they dis-banded in ’04.
2004 | pen on paper | 8 x 11″

This Equinox I woke up and sustained all day a deep gratitude. Just for the simplest of things: the safe softness of warm dry sheets in the morning, the smell of jasmine bushes throughout and despite my neighborhood’s grit, how the oat milk swirls like a galaxy in the mate, and how I lose myself and time in the drawing project of the day… And then, at day’s end, the full moon shines through my window and I turn up the MUSIC.

“It was a music more tangible than form or sight. It had essence and structure… It seemed to travel with her, to sweep her aloft in the power of song, so that she was moving in glory among the stars, and for a moment she, too, felt that the words Darkness and Light had no meaning, and only this melody was real.”
~Madeliene L’Engle, A Wrinkle in Time

I remember the joy of reading this as a child, but never dreamed how close to this experience I would actually get.

The music in my life brings me a levity of Spirit, by chipping away our separateness to reveal a shining center of white loving light.

Sometimes I take it for granted, but tonight, I remember we live in such a paradise that musicians like ours, with their angelic voices, exist to connect us all.

These are special times, and as challenging as they are, so too are they Shambhalic, in that heaven can exist here on earth when we help to create it. Thank you, musicians and dancers, promoters and producers, for your part in this culture. It’s music that motivates, captivates, and inspires me, it’s the heartbeat of my soul and one of the biggest joys of my life.

Here, for example, Radiohead takes it straight to the highest level. When I saw them live it was a mystical experience for sure, as if the sound became the wind which in turn streamed right through my cells and beyond. So haunting how the body can make sound so visceral…check out the Lotus Flower video here… L O V E!

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