Illuminated Portraiture

I’ve been thinking about the Illuminated Manuscript exhibit and how to incorporate those concepts and techniques into my work. I realized I’m sort of doing “Illuminated Portraiture,” albeit with no calligraphy. I’m tempted to experiment with a couple upcoming pieces by blending more traditional illuminated technique with graphite portraits. Stay tuned!

Illumination looms especially important to me after recently watching The Secret of Kells. It made me cry as the suffering of humanity, the ignorance, was pitted against the unlimited potential for experiencing bliss and interconnection. The illuminated manuscript seems to encode that bliss and share it with all who view it.

(Aisling of the Secret of Kells):

Aisling from Secret of Kells
From R e a l e y e s G a l l e r y

If you live in Madison, definitely go check this out: Hidden Treasures: Illuminated Manuscripts from Midwestern Collections, running December 18, 2010 through February 27, 2011 at Chazen’s Mayer Gallery.

♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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