Underground by Meghan Oona Clifford web

2010 | 28″ x 34″ | mixed media on acid-free paper vellum

See the full series and more… www.MeghanOonaClifford.com

To me this piece captures both an incredibly cool modern moment and an eternal story. Public transport, utilized on a night of celebratory adventure in this romantic city becomes a sort of transcendent vehicle. Instead of some mundane Bart ride, it’s Apollo’s Chariot, bringing its riders on an epic voyage.

For the energetic flow out the window I looked at a lot of pictures of wind to represent the outside world rushing by despite this inner stillness. Easier said than done, since wind’s characteristically invisible. So I looked at horses’ hair blowing in the wind and large strips of fabric being blown about. Wind is visible only when interacting with another object. To me, wind brings and symbolizes Change. Maybe change also acts invisibly upon its subject, which then emerges a transformed entity. I know everyone chariot-ing to and from the massive celebration going on that evening emerged newly inspired and uplifted.

Special thanks to Heather for snapping and sharing this portrait and for Jason for looking so frickin cool.

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