Ocelot by Meghan Oona Clifford web

2011 | 15″ x 20″ | graphite and colored pencil on acid-free paper vellum

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I snapped this picture at 8,750 feet in Telluride. Part of my soul merged with this place so I carry it with me now, always; a piece of Heaven on Earth.

This playground allowed our more wild aspect the freedom to tear down inner walls, dance all night, wander the streets shouting at shooting stars, and lose ourselves in each other until dawn.

Here, our animal selves roam free. The mask hides away our mundane lives and ego, letting loose our *animalistic element. The sun setting elongates our shadows. Is it the shadow of our routines and dramas slipping away with the daylight? Our inhibitions and cautions melting away into nightfall so our animal selves can come out to play? (I’m actually reading Deepak Chopra’s The Shadow Effect right now, as the Law of Synchronicity would have it.)

That fence in the background divides our civilized and more wild natures, protecting each from the other. But still, it only takes one jump and you’re on the other side…

And the final element: The Green; Hildegaard’s “Viriditas,” the heart chakra, springtime, new growth… If you’re not familiar with Hildegaard, congratulations — now you know about one of my historical heros! Hildegaard von Bingen was an abbess, artist, writer, and mystic in the 12th century. She equated the Green Lusciousness of the natural world with the potential for inner growth and enlightenment. She’s a rare female jewel of insight and transcendence.

From R e a l e y e s G a l l e r y

Ocelot, ocelot, where have you gone?
Won’t you come out to play?


That was pure wild animal craziness.
~Mr. Fox

*an·i·mal·ist /ˈænəməlɪst/ Show Spelled[an-uh-muh-list] –noun
1. a person driven by animal appetites; sensualist.

From R e a l e y e s G a l l e r y

What’s your spirit animal? Please comment!

References for those who aren’t sure: Animal Speak, a sort of new age-y book by Ted Andrews…

…and this website seems pretty comprehensive: http://www.starstuffs.com/animal_totems/finding.html


  1. I waited to post cuz I couldn't remember, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought that it changes all the time. And last night I saw opposum! So there ya go.


  2. Re: My own spirit animal:…I think the Loyal Dog is one. Sometimes I am stalked, at spiritually opportune moments, by The Great Blue Heron, Owls, Crows, and Bees. Often Snakes visit me in my dreams.Plus I just had a dream that my family was in danger and was rescued by a flock of Avocets (which don't actually hang out in flocks but it was a pretty great dream).


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