Together by Meghan Oona Clifford web

2010 | 9″ x 12″ | graphite on acid-free paper vellum

Prints, original, and merch at

A study of yin and yang, especially when yang embodies protective energies to shield the yin into her safer realms.

May we all find a balance between the public and strong yang and the introspective, inner yin world, in whatever form that may take.

(from The I Ching: An Illustrated Guide to the Chinese Art of Divination by Tan Xiaochun)

May our souls speak to each other from our true essence with all clarity and sincerity as we connect to move forward in realness with integrity. May the dual energetics blend to produce an uplifted existence, in which we’re supported and encouraged to benefit as many beings as possible, including ourselves.

Individually, let us take responsibility for making ourselves a good part of the community so that together, we can be stronger, more inspired, and the most alive we can possibly be.

I never meant to cause you pain
My burden is the weight of a feather
I never meant to lead you on
I only meant to please me, however

And then you tell my “Boy, we can do much more together.”

I’m nothing but a selfish worm?
I’m nothing but a privileged puppet
And did you think I’d stay the night
And did you think I’d love you forever

And then you tell my “Boy, we can do much more together.”
I gotta tell you “Girl, I want nothing less than pleasure.”
I gotta tell you “Boy, we made such a mess together.”

~Impossible Soul Part IV, by Sufjan Stevens

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