Time Is Layers Upon Layers : Process

Commissioned to do an abstract piece using browns and blues, I decided to play with a bursting motion, and during the work found myself meditating on themes like the big bang, creation, conception, and time.

We’re taught that time is linear, but in our actual experience time functions as layers. Our consciousness can reside in past, present, future, imagination and dreamscape all at once. As a child, the years in my head followed a spiral form, moving counterclockwise towards the future. And even with our physical eyesight, we see starlight that may have extinguished millions of years ago.

Our experience of time is so subjective, and though linear time does us real service, that rhythmic counting can go much deeper and becomes our very own personal interweaving of experience within whatever dimensions.

Anyway, working on this piece sponsored that internal investigation. Here’s the process:

Kairos, Or: In Which Time Bursts Into Both Linear And Spiral Being, Ushering With It Past, Present, Future, Imaginary, And Dream Realms That Weave Layers And Layers Together.
2010 | original 23″ x 23″ | mixed media on acid-free paper vellum | museum quality archival paper prints available to size by request

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