Meditation from Deepak on The Action of Love

“In your own life, consider the qualitites of love at the highest level. The soul’s love is: unselfish. giving. blissful. warm and safe. self-sufficient, needing no outside validation. innocent. uncomplicated. kind, compassionate. constant. expanding. comforting. sacred.

These are terms you’ve heard all your life, and you have experienced them either a little bit of a great deal. Sit quietly and summon the memory of one quality, such as kindness, including your memories, visual images, emotions, and people connected with this quality. Stay with your experience for a few minutes. Let it deepen of its own accord. In effect, you are subtly directing your mind to access the quality of kindness, which forms a neural pattern that differs from a mind that doesn’t dwell on kindness.”

From Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul, by Deepak Chopra

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