This piece, based on a photo snapped very late night in Morrison, CO, in August of 09, exemplifies the sweet, frenzied celebration of the gift that is Closeness.

fren·zy (frěn’zē) n. pl. fren·zies
1. A state of violent mental agitation or wild excitement.
2. Temporary madness or delirium.
—Synonyms. madness, insanity, lunacy, aberration; rage, fury, raving.
[Middle English frenesie, from Old French, from Medieval Latin phrenēsia, from Latin phrenēsis, from phrenēticus, delirious; see frenetic.]

Phrenēsia by Meghan Oona Clifford web

Phrenēsia, or: In Which They Unite Into The Glorious Wholeness
original 14″ x 18″ | graphite on acid-free paper vellum

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The Working Title of this piece was Closeness. I emailed Rose about it recently, saying: “Almost done with the piece of the 4 of you in a cuddle puddle. It’s been such a wonderful comfort to work on, as a meditation on Closeness …it was an important reminder that intimacy is healthy and ok to want/need/deserve.”

Reflecting on closeness, one cannot help but also examine it’s opposite; separation, and what keeps some people stuck there: fear, insecurity, false concepts, ignorance, ego. When we remove the obstacles to closeness, and one becomes Us, then we can move towards a place of celebration, ecstasy, bliss, devotion, adoration, and unity.

Unity remains for me one of the most important things in life, and to keep my heart there I employ Metta (Love) meditations to dissolve concepts of “other,” “enemy,” “challenging characters,” and just sit with everyone on our planet in open-hearted affection, kindness, and warmth.

More on closeness from the 2007 mumblecore film: I remember this one time, I was sitting in this chair …and he was like lying on his stomach on the bed… and I asked him, ‘can I ask you something… can I just like, lay on top of you?’ and he was like ‘uhhh ok,’ so I came over here and just laid directly stacked on top of him and we talked for awhile. And I just remember saying to him, ‘this like feels really good… I don’t even know you that well, it just feels really good to be close to someone…’ I just sort of felt like sort of sad in that moment for people who don’t have that contact, ever. In a sense it was all I needed… just closeness and like, being comfortable with someone. ~Robin, in Quiet City

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