I am Adora, He-man’s twin sister,
and Defender of the crystal castle
This is Spirit, my beloved steed.
Fabulous secrets were reveled to me,
The day I held aloft my sword and said,
‘For the honor of Grey Skull! I am She-ra!’
Only a few others share this secret.
Among them, are Light Hope, Madame Razz, and Kowl.
Together, me and my friends of the Great Rebellion
Strive to free Etheria of the evil forces of Hordac!

Applying Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey to She-ra: She-ra is proving to be just a well of symbols, mythology, female-empowerment, and inspiration. Also, it’s MOTHERFLIPPIN HILARIOUS and strangely uplifting to watch cartoons from your childhood! Some may call this regression, but I say NO! This is but the next chapter of deepening, ripening, creating a modern mythology, fighting to FREE ETHERIA! Ok I’m a dork.

And on that note I’m also finding some kundalini and reiki references in there, by… accident? You tell me! Is She-ra a great conspiracy to empower little girls to find centuries long innate healing / ass-kicking powers within?! I think soooo!

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