Beautiful Losers


Beautiful Losers film trailer from beautifullosersfilm on Vimeo.

Rent this!

It’s especially inspiring for me because the featured artists seem to have 10 or so years on me, and seeing their development of coming into their own practices and self-awareness gets me all amped up and motivated and hopeful, like YES! we actually CAN LIVE AND WORK AND PLAY AND BE CRAZY ARTISTS IF THAT’S WHAT WE’RE CALLED TO BE!!!

For the Beautiful Losers, it all started at a gallery space in NY; for me, at the underground warehouse art coop we called the Family Tree in Olympia WA (SHOUT OUT TO OLY!) We experienced that same joy that happens when like-minded creatives gather in a “home” of sorts to incubate together, back in the day.

And from that special incubator, we all scattered but remain cosmically intertwined, as growth deepens, style defined, and missions clear.

Now, I’m striving to become more and more a full-time artist, which is terrifying and thrilling. But that’s the devoted path to producing a prolific body of work that really works to heal/inspire/uplift a culture so dear to me.

As these featured artists clearly have done.

“[New York]…is a great mountain top to shout your message from.” ~Steve Powers

“The Sun Does Not Know it’s a Star.” ~Geoff McFetridge

“You have the right to be you.” ~Steve Powers

“…kids like chaos… we’re kids… our work is in the vernacular, you know, speaking in the way that we spoke as youth…” ~combined voice over montage

Well done losers, beautifully well done.

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