She Who Traverses Through Space

digital collage art, digital painting art, watercolor collage art, modern contemporary san francisco art, Meghan Oona Clifford

She Who Traverses Through Space
2007 | digital collage

Once upon a time, a digital collage was born. The strange conception that occurred involved the blending of lots of layers over several years. The formula wound up looking something like this:

  • 1 part artist
  • 1 part handmade hemp silk dress
  • 1 part love poems of a certain era of said artist’s life written all over said dress
  • 1 part video of artist wearing and dancing in said poetry dress

  • 1 part still photos from this video, drawn
  • 1 part obsession with said artist’s birthday (7.7.77), resulting in lots of group efforts to create the perfect 7 tattoo, which resulted in not a tattoo, but instead, lots and lots of pages with sevens scrawled all over

  • 1 part research of tibetan buddhist mandala iconography and therefore a study of a tibetan tree icon
  • 1 part watercolor done years ago, found

= a collage we call She Who Traverses Through Space, another way of saying “Dakini.”

♥ ~ Meghan Oona

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