Dancing as Unitive

Unitive consciousness — a merging of our being with other beings in a higher state of awareness — may seem shamanic and unreachable at times for the lone urban wolf of the 21st century.

But! I’d argue that several new developments over the last 50 years actually allows us to experience unitive consciousness at such a higher rate than before that a shift towards integral levels on a global scale may be possible during our era. (See A Theory of Everything, by Ken Wilbur, for more on integral levels).

The ease of travel plus the internet, massive festivals, music celebrations, spiritual pilgrimages, and art as a universal language, offers humanity opportunities to rise above what divides and embrace what unites.

This sweet video reflects all this. The series I’m currently working on also explores music and dance culture and the transcendence it can evoke. To be published in a few weeks so stay tuned!

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